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Top Holiday Destinations for 2014

So you want to book a holiday for 2014. But where are the best places to go? This all depends on what you are looking for, whether it is a beach holiday, activity or extreme sports or maybe you want to go on a Safari or backpacking holiday. The UK has many beautiful holiday locations […]

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Get out of the Rain and into the Sun

There’s nothing worse than looking out the window and seeing the rain come down hard. Why wait until the summer to get into the heat, there are plenty of locations where you’re guaranteed sun now. Dubai is a country that benefits from nice weather all year round. You’ll struggle to see a spot of rain […]

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Holiday Sales in January

January is known as the month of sales, and this applies to holidays, as well as electronics, home furniture and clothing. If you’re looking to get some discounted holiday packages then there is no better month to look than January. So why do the prices come down so much? Hotels constantly want to get their […]

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