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Tips for a great beach holiday with the kids

For your summer holiday if you are going for a fun filled family beach holiday there are a few things to remember to ensure that the kids have plenty of fun whilst the adults can relax and stay stress-free.

When going to the beach don’t take too much stuff with you, get each child to carry their own towel and bucket and spade or beach toys if they wish. That way you’ll know that you’ll not end up taking loads of toys that the children won’t even play with.

If you want to save money then pack a picnic, this can be great fun to sit round and enjoy together on the beach and mean that you won’t have to pack up all your things to go off and find somewhere for lunch.

Take it in turns amongst the adults in your group to entertain and keep an eye on the children this will give each adult some ‘time off’ where they can relax and sunbathe or go for a walk for some much needed time out.

And to avoid sand getting all in the car get the children to rub baby talc on their sandy limbs first then gently brush the sand and talc off with a dry towel.