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Last minute packing

We all look forward to a good holiday. Many of us book our holiday months if not a year in advance but often we leave the packing until last minute. With passports, insurance and currency exchanges to sort out, packing is often not even thought about until a few days before hand and over 60% of people admit to leaving their packing until the day before.

Packing last minute can cause you to forget essential items that you may need, and although you can often buy items from your holiday destination, this will eat up in to your budget. You also need to have time to weigh your luggage to check that it is within the allowed parameters set by your chosen airline. If not, you will either have to discard some items or pay the extra charges to increase your allowance.

If you do not pack until a day or two before you leave and suddenly realise you haven’t got something, it does not allow you much time to go shopping. This can cause unnecessary hassle and stress which is not a great way to start your vacation.

Allow yourself plenty of time and pack your items at least a week before you go. The day before you are due to set off, have a quick check through again to make sure you have all your important documents too.