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A once in a lifetime holiday to Egypt

A number of years ago people were steering clear of holidays to Egypt after the awful terrorist events that had been taking place, but recently the government have now said that it believes many places are safe to travel to and holiday companies are now offering a wide choice of flights and resorts in many parts of Egypt.

If you are looking for a cheap holiday that has lots of history and culture and fantastic sun, then Egypt is definitely the place to go. Because of the struggling tourism, the prices to holiday in Egypt are still rather low and you can often get an all inclusive week for two people for round a thousand pounds.

If you have an interest in history then you must book some of the excursions that they have on offer to visit Luxor and see many of the temples plus the famous Valley of the Kings (where Tutankhamun’s Tomb is) and Cairo where you will find the Cairo museum and the Pyramids. Even the excursions are relatively cheap and if history is not your thing then why not try scuba diving in the Red Sea or a spot of Dolphin watching.