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Visiting a water park when on holiday

Water parks can be great fun and in England we tend to not have many that are all that thrilling. A Lot of this is to do with the weather as not many people want to spend the day at a water park when its cold!

Often if going on holiday abroad to a country that tends to have a warmer climate you will find a number of water parks. These range in size and entrance fees, but there is often something to suit everyone.

Some countries do not have as strict health and safety rules are we do and therefore it is important to not only check what their policies are but to also look after your own safety when there. Read plenty of reviews before you go and have a good look around when you get there. See if there are a good number of lifeguards on duty, if the slides look well maintained and even speak to other guests that have been about their experiences.

If you are going to a water park whilst on holiday with young children, then have a look if they have a range of slides and splash parks etc that would suit their age.