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Airport delays – passing the time

We all look forward to going on holiday but if travelling by plane, you have to be prepared for delays at the airport. Flight delays happen for a number of reasons, from issues with the plane that need to be addressed before take off, loading of luggage, weather such as strong winds, rain or thunderstorms or a run over of a previous flight day earlier on in the day.

When you first arrive at the airport, try and find a screen showing departures and check what it is saying about your flight. If they know that it is already going to be delayed then they will usually display it as soon as possible but you need to keep checking the board as it can change as the departure time gets closer.

Finding things to do to pass the time will help you cope with flight delays. It may be that you find a nice café or bar and go and have a drink or that you decide to venture outside the airport and come back later on. If you do this, be sure that you have a way to keep checking the flight times to ensure it is not brought forward again.

If you are travelling with children, then you may want to allow them to play on a tablet or games device to fill up the time. If possible, try and take a power bank with you so you can charge the devices up again to use whilst on the flight.