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Booking your summer 2019 holiday

With winter approaching and the nights getting darker, many people are starting to book their holidays for summer 2019. Booking in advance can help you save money and allow you to spread the cost of the holiday over a longer period of time.

When booking in advance it is vital to take out travel insurance as soon as possible. Most tour operators will also offer you a type of cover that means you can make changes to the holiday for no extra cost. This is highly recommended as you never know what may happen over the next 12 months and having the flexibility to move your holiday can save you a lot of money should you need to make changes.

Holidays are often cheaper to book a while in advance or right at the last minute, but by booking in advance you have a longer time to plan, save and make any arrangements (such as time off work, passports etc) you may need to before you travel.

Some parts of the world often have quite regular seasons (unlike the UK) so you can book dates and be fairly confident the weather will be what you expect it to be.