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Why not get away from it all on a canal boat holiday?

For many people their holiday is a time when they can kick back and relax so If you have ever longed for a relaxing, slow paced holiday where the only thing you need to worry about is which pub you are going to choose to eat at then a canal boat holiday could be the perfect option for you.

A spot of research will show you that there are many canal routes across the UK that are available for your canal boat holiday. Choose a starting point that is local to your home as this will cut down on travelling time and may even mean that you can leave your car at home. Hire companies will give you guidance on possible routes dependent on your experience on the canals as some routes have several locks or tricky sections that will need to be navigated carefully.

Once you have an idea of the route you would like to try you will need to organise hiring a canal boat to use. Most boats have excellent amenities on board such as a kitchen, toilets and showers and a comfortable bed. Some have cosy wood burners installed that will not only provide heating but also hot water.

If you are unsure about operating a canal boat, you will be given a tutorial before you begin your journey which should cover the main issues you will encounter but the canal boat community is very friendly and will help out if you are struggling.