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Are you confident to book a holiday for the summer?

With the latest news that England is expected to be fully out of lockdown and restrictions by June 2021, many people are quickly flocking to book holidays. It may be that you have waited so long to go on holiday that you are going to book a few different ones just in case there are delays. If the plan goes ahead, we should all be able to holiday in the UK and abroad without restrictions or having to isolate, but no one know exactly what the rules will be for other countries by then so this is something to bear in mind.

If you would rather play it a bit safe this year then why not opt for a staycation instead. There are some really beautiful locations around the UK and during the summer months we can have some glorious weather, we just cant guarantee when. Again, lots of people are booking several campsites hoping that the weather will be good one of the times they are due to go away. Lots of the holiday resorts are still offering free Covid cancellations should the situation worsen again giving you peace of mind when you book that you can get your money back.