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How to get the best accommodation for your money

When going on holiday, a mini break or an overnight stay, you want to try and get the best accommodation for your money. You first need to think about what it important to you. If you are looking for somewhere to just get your head down after a night out then location and breakfast may be a big selling point. If you are wanting somewhere that you can spend time at and relax then you may try and find somewhere with a spa.

Many villas or holiday homes have more than one bedroom and can accommodate a few couples or families. If you have friends or family that you could go on holiday with then the cost can be split meaning the price per person comes down, sometimes quite dramatically. This may mean that you can afford to have a private villa with a pool or hot tub.

This is a great way for everyone to be able to afford the luxury accommodation that may not have been possible had you of gone on your own. You also have the added bonus of having friends or family with you to make the holiday even more special and enjoyable for all.