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Plan next year’s holiday now and beat the rush

This year has been a rollercoaster for the holidaymaker as holiday destinations deemed save to visit have changed weekly in some cases and even holidays in the UK have had to be postponed or cancelled sometimes at short notice. This has made people feel nervous about booking holidays for next year but for our mental wellbeing some of us need to have things to look forward to and what could be better than a summer holiday to somewhere hot and sunny.

Many people book their foreign holiday in January and February when in weather in the UK is usually dire and summer still seems a long way off but think about booking up now and beating the rush. As long as you have holiday travel insurance in place that covers cancellation due to the pandemic before you book there should be adequate protection for your holiday.

When choosing a destination for your much longed for holiday look at the countries that have a lower incidence of coronavirus cases instead of the more popular destinations such as Spain and Italy although unfortunately there is no way of predicting future outbreaks. It is also a good idea to book a package holiday as these are easier to amend if necessary than separately booked flights and accommodation.