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Holiday bookings online

When choosing to book a holiday online you need to check the price very carefully. Booking online has many advantages. You can often compare prices for different resorts very easily and are able to see if you could get a better deal by travelling a few days before or after your selected dates. You have the opportunity to do some research before committing to the holiday but looking at reviews for the hotel and also the area before buying the holiday, something which you may find hard to do should you book with a travel agent in store.

When looking at your holiday cost you need to very carefully keep an eye on the price, you may find that when you click through to the next page the price suddenly goes up. This is often because it has preselected transfers or insurance etc. some of which you may not want or need. You should also check what the cost of the holiday includes, for example, does it include a luggage allowance. Many people get stung with this finding that it is going to cost them an additional £50 per person to have hold luggage as only carry-on luggage is included in the price quoted.

If you are booking in advance then you may want to check if you are able to cancel the holiday without being charged and when you can do this up to.