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Is it ok to travel abroad for a holiday?

With the UK in its third lockdown, many of us are wondering if and when we are able to start going on holiday again. It may be that you had a holiday booked for last year that was cancelled and moved to this year, but with so much uncertainty still, no one is exactly sure when we will be able to take these. At present, no one is allowed to go on holiday in this country or abroad. If you have to travel abroad for business then you may do so as long as it is necessary. You may be required to isolate upon your arrival at your destination and again when you return to the UK. Many other countries have very tight restrictions too, so you may find that you have to adhere to the same rules you would have to here.

If you are considering booking a holiday for 2021 you need to think carefully and ensure that should you holiday have to be cancelled, you have relevant insurance to cover you. Your insurance should also cover you if you contract Covid when abroad and require hospital treatment. Not all policy may offer this level of cover so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.