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Is it too early to book a holiday for next summer?

Many people have either decided not to go away abroad this year or have not had the option to. This has meant that there has been a bit of a surge in bookings for next year. No one knows exactly what is likely to happen over the coming months and year so there is always a risk when booking that far in advance. Many holiday companies are still offering a promise to refund your holiday or move it to another time should there be restrictions in place that advise against travel to the country of your chosen destination.

Booking in advance does have some benefits. Often you can get a better price by booking far in advance although prices may go up or down next year so that is not guaranteed. You also are often able to spread the costs out allowing you to make month instalments. This can make the holiday more affordable for many people. You will also have peace of mind that you have something book so should there be another surge in holiday bookings, you do not have to worry about trying to find a place to go as this can make the whole process extremely stressful.