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A once in a lifetime holiday to Egypt

A number of years ago people were steering clear of holidays to Egypt after the awful terrorist events that had been taking place, but recently the government have now said that it believes many places are safe to travel to and holiday companies are now offering a wide choice of flights and resorts in many […]

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Should you get your travel money before you go?

When going on holiday abroad where the currency is different then it’s always a conundrum as to whether to get your money exchanged before you go. There are pros and cons to both getting it whilst you’re in the UK and waiting until you reach your destination so it’s not always an easy choice. Things […]

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Booking excursions and trips to go on when on holiday

If you have booked a holiday through a travel agent then you may have already been sent a number of trips you can go on whilst on holiday. Depending on where you are going on holiday these may include scuba diving, trips to local places of interest, trips to local markets, water park entrance or […]

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Booking an adventure holiday

If you are currently looking for a summer holiday buy fancy doing something a little different then why not pick an adventure holiday in the UK. The UK has a wealth of activities that you can participate in for children and adults of all ages and interests. Depending on where in the UK and how […]

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Should you book your holiday months in advance to get a better deal?

Usually holidays that are booked 12 months or so in advance are often cheaper than waiting to book it a few months before you want to go. Over time holidays tend to increase slightly in price due to inflation and the changes in flight prices, so booking your holiday in advance will secure the price […]

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