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Sorting out your travel arrangements on a mini-break

If you are looking in to booking a mini break away then you need to think carefully about your travel arrangements as time management is essential, as you may only have a short time at your destination. Some people decide to go on a mini break abroad or maybe in this country, but a good […]

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How to make sure you get your annual family holiday on a budget

A family holiday can be very important. It is a great way to spend time with each other but affording a holiday is often a struggle for many families. A holiday is often not just a luxury but for some people it is essential to give them the break they need. Often if parents are […]

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First family holiday abroad

Booking your first family holiday abroad can be exciting but also a little bit stressful. When going with children you often need to think about thinks a lot more and will also have to pack a lot more! The first thing to do is make sure that everyone has a valid passport. Children can no […]

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Airport delays – passing the time

We all look forward to going on holiday but if travelling by plane, you have to be prepared for delays at the airport. Flight delays happen for a number of reasons, from issues with the plane that need to be addressed before take off, loading of luggage, weather such as strong winds, rain or thunderstorms […]

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All-inclusive holidays to Ibiza

Booking an all-inclusive holiday may be more worrisome that booking a self-catering holiday as you will be paying for your food and drink upfront and therefore, if you do not like what is on offer, you will have to pay out of your own pocket to eat and drink elsewhere. Ibiza is a popular choice […]

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