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Last minute packing

We all look forward to a good holiday. Many of us book our holiday months if not a year in advance but often we leave the packing until last minute. With passports, insurance and currency exchanges to sort out, packing is often not even thought about until a few days before hand and over 60% […]

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Travel smarter and save essential money and time

When travelling to and from a destination, you can end up spending a lot of money on transport and/or parking fees. Recent studies have shown that booking a last minute deal to Greece for example, that is advertised at £200 per person may then incur additional costs of over £60 on transport to get to […]

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Holiday bookings online

When choosing to book a holiday online you need to check the price very carefully. Booking online has many advantages. You can often compare prices for different resorts very easily and are able to see if you could get a better deal by travelling a few days before or after your selected dates. You have […]

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Going on a sight-seeing holiday

Sightseeing holidays can be a lot of fun. They are usually packed full of adventures and give you the opportunity to visit places of interest. Everyone has their own idea as to what interests them, so for one person, historical sites such as castles and churches may be fascinating and for another it may be […]

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Packing for a summer holiday in the UK

Unfortunately as many of us are aware, holidays in the UK often have very unpredictable weather. Even in the height of summer you cannot guarantee that the weather will be warm and dry and therefore you need to consider this when it comes to packing clothing. No one wants to have to take loads of […]

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