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Why not get away from it all on a canal boat holiday?

For many people their holiday is a time when they can kick back and relax so If you have ever longed for a relaxing, slow paced holiday where the only thing you need to worry about is which pub you are going to choose to eat at then a canal boat holiday could be the […]

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Planning a visit to the majestic islands off the coast of Scotland

It is often the case that we fail to explore the locations and attractions that are on our own doorstep but instead venture to far flung places around the world. The Scottish islands are so varied in their size and what they have to offer ranging from the tiny outcrop of Inch Kenneth to the […]

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Holidaying on the Greek island of Zante

Taking a holiday abroad to the Greek island of Zante or Zakynthos as it is called by the locals, is a wonderful way to experience the laid-back Greek way of life. The east coast of Zante has an assortment of resorts ranging from the lively resort of Tsilivi with its bars, pubs and clubs to […]

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Why not go on a planned adventure holiday?

Holidays may be something that seem way in the distance at the moment, but hopefully in the next few months we will have the opportunity to start booking places to go this year. It may be that have to holiday in the UK, but that is not necessarily a bad thing as there are some […]

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Family getaways to Blackpool

Many of us are already planning where we may go when lock down is restricted. Blackpool can be great fun for all the family and if as predicted lockdown is not properly lifted until the end of summer, Blackpool may be a popular choice. It is not necessarily known for its glamor, but does have […]

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