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Are you prepared to quarantine if going abroad?

So many people are desperate to go abroad after having their summer holidays cancelled or delayed. A lot more airlines are now flying to a number of countries again but this doesn’t mean to say it is entirely safe. Although face masks have to be worn, temperatures are being taken and some are even having to prove they have had a negative Covid-19 test done recently, there is still a chance that someone on board may have the virus.

Some countries have stipulated that you must quarantine for 14 days upon your return to the country. This may mean if you are going away for two weeks, that you will have to take another 2 weeks off work when you return. This simply may not be feasible, especially if you would have to take the time off unpaid. Even if the country you are going to does not require you to self isolate upon your return at present, there is no saying that this will always be the case. Many people have found themselves already on holiday when the government decided to change the isolation rules and add a certain country on to the list. This resulted in many people paying a lot extra to get early flights to return prior to the quarantine rules coming in to affect.