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Bargain holidays to Egypt

Egypt is a place that offers amazing experiences for all and is steeped in history and culture. If you have always found the Pyramids of Giza fascinating or wanted to take a trip to the Valley of the Kings, then now may be a great time to do it. Over the last few decades, Egypt has had a number of issues regarding terrorism and crime and this has meant that travel to and from certain parts of Egypt has been advised against. Egypt has suffered due to this lack of tourism over the past number of years, but recently more and more people have started to venture out to Egypt for a holiday. The government has set up colour coded maps to show the places that are safe to travel to and the places that must be avoided. With this in mind and the fact that most resorts have everything on site meaning that you do not have to venture out, many people are feeling happier to finally be able to go to the destination they have dreamed of.

Because of all the issues with travel, the prices of a holiday in Egypt are extremely low compared to other similar locations. A seven night all inclusive trip to a 5 star resort can cost as little as £400 per person including flights.