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Great last minute holiday deals to be had

If you are looking for a low cost holiday and can be flexible on dates then you should consider a last minute deal. These are great ways to save often hundreds of pounds freeing up a little more money for spending whilst away.

There are many places you can look for cheap last minute holiday deals, long gone are the days where you only had Teletext! Most tour operator websites will list a number of holidays that can be booked to go on within a number of days and weeks and these are normally advertised in their shop windows and / or on their website. If is always worth ringing round a few travel agents and asking them what late deals they can offer. Give them a number of dates you can go and the type of accommodation and location you are looking for and see what they come back with. Some of the best holidays I have had have been through last minute deals and have saved me well in to the thousands over the years.