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Is it safe to travel to another country?

With the a number of events occurring over the past few years in places such as Egypt, Paris and South Africa, many holiday goers are questioning how safe travel is. There are always risks to your safety no matter where you are, but often trouble arises from political issues or changes.

You may not want this to stop you from going holiday and discovering new places but you do need to be aware and stay vigilant and alert.

The .gov website has advice on foreign travel to a number of countries. It will give you a summary of that country and then go on to talk about safety, entry requirements, health, local law and customs and terrorism. It also has an area that gives you details on where to get help and support when in the country. 

When you arrive at the airport ready to travel to your chosen destination, never leave your bag unattended and if you see any suspicious behaviour, be sure to report it.

When travelling to another country, try and avoid going alone because it is not only terrorists that you need to be cautious of. A number of countries admit that they have problems with theft and often it is tourists that are being targeted due to their lack of knowledge of areas.