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Short breaks in the UK

Many of us have really missed having a holiday this year and as winter approaches some of us are looking at booking a short break away in the UK as a way getting away from it all but what are the options open to us as the prospect of further travel restrictions are possibly on the horizon for many?

It is often said that we do not appreciate the attractions and landscape on our doorsteps and so this is an ideal opportunity to explore the local area as a tourist without the worry that we may not be able to travel far. It is even worth staying in a hotel or guest house in your local area as this adds to the feeling that you are a tourist and you may explore a nearby town or city in a completely different way.

A change is as good as a rest they say so think about this when you are planning your break. For instance, if you live in the countryside why not try a city break such as in York and if you live by the coast why not visit some of the amazing forestry areas that central England has to offer. Do not be put off by the weather when planning your short break just make sure that you have packed the appropriate clothing for your trip, and you should be fine.