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Should you get your travel money before you go?

When going on holiday abroad where the currency is different then it’s always a conundrum as to whether to get your money exchanged before you go.

There are pros and cons to both getting it whilst you’re in the UK and waiting until you reach your destination so it’s not always an easy choice.

Things to consider are:

How much money you will need, if you think you’re likely to spend quite a bit of cash then it’s not a great idea to be carrying a large sum on you in case it gets lost or stolen, there also may be rules regarding customs and how much money you can take in or out of the country so it’s worth doing your research.

What are the exchange rates like? You can get an idea of this by searching online and even asking advice on forums of people who have visited the same holiday destination to see what they did.

You may also want to contact your bank to see how much they would charge for you to use your card abroad as this can be a safer more convenient way to pay.

Whatever you decide make sure that you do your research there’s lots of good advice out there so don’t ignore it.