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Staycations are here to stay

Although going abroad on holiday is exciting and the draw of the predictable sunny weather is hard to resist we often do not fully appreciate our local surroundings and the attractions that are on our doorstep. We are surprised if we meet someone who has come on holiday to our hometown but perhaps we need to take a fresh look at our local area in terms of tourism.

One of the advantages of keeping it local is that it can be less expensive as often an overnight stay is not strictly necessary although there is nothing wrong with staying in a local hotel or guest house nearby especially if you are planning to dine out and drink during the evening. It is worth enquiring whether any of the attractions near to you offer special rates for locals as this can reduce the cost of visiting.

It is now, more than ever essential to support local businesses and so holidaying locally is a good opportunity to do this. By visiting the tourist information website for your area, a whole range of attractions can be found perhaps some that are new to you. If you live near to a National Trust property or park why not think about taking out a membership so that you will be able to visit local properties and those further afield at a reduced price.