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Travel advice – top places to avoid

There’s plenty of articles out there telling you which spots are currently hot, but you see far less about places to avoid. In turbulent times globally, this can be an ever-changing list, so here’s our handy round-up for this month.

Of course, there are many places it’s probably common sense to avoid, so we won’t cover those; we all know that war zones aren’t likely to provide great holiday experiences, so we’ll focus on some of the more surprising places.

First up, the current heatwave is causing problems across the globe and in some unusual places. There are currently wildfires raging in Attica, Greece and southern Sweden. Dry, arid conditions have left much of the wood and brush land surrounding settlements like tinderboxes, meaning that the fires have proved extremely difficult to control and lives have been lost.

The popularity of some destinations is increasingly making them less attractive as holiday destinations too. Airbnb has lead to rent explosions, particularly around Las Ramblas, leading to protests from locals. Dubrovnik, Croatia has also seen significant over-crowding.

Santorini – now here’s a really sad one. We’ve all seen the tranquil photos of gorgeous white-washed buildings set against deep blue seas, but these don’t capture the crowds.