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Travel smarter and save essential money and time

When travelling to and from a destination, you can end up spending a lot of money on transport and/or parking fees. Recent studies have shown that booking a last minute deal to Greece for example, that is advertised at £200 per person may then incur additional costs of over £60 on transport to get to and from the airport.

This can very quickly add a lot of money on to what was supposed to be a budget holiday and even more so if you have three or more children as you may have to hire a two taxi’s each way or a seven seater if you decide to use this method of transport.

To save money, you need to plan ahead and be prepared to do some research. Find out exactly what is included in the price of your holiday before you book.

Firstly have ask around to see if you can get a lift to the airport, you may need to pay someone’s fuel but you will not have to worry about parking charges or getting a taxi. When sorting out transport from the airport to your resort, try and book it in advance as you may find you pay over the odds if you have to get a black cab etc.