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Using a family caravan for your holiday

If a member of your family owns their own caravan then this can be the perfect opportunity to get away often without having to fork out a lot of money. If the owner also rents out the caravan to the public then they may ask that you pay for your time there but often this will be at a reduced rate. If you need to go in school holiday times and there are other family members who are also restricted to school holidays then you will need to give the owner plenty of notice of the dates you can go and so they can try and accommodate everyone.
When booking a caravan holiday through a social media site or a third party website, you may worry about the security of making payments. Often people who rent out their own site, take the money either in cash or bank transfer and therefore you have little come back should something go wrong. It is important to ensure that the person you are booking through is legitimate and that you have some way of tracing payments made. Always be sure to get a confirmation email of the booking and receipt for any payments made. Avoid paying in cash unless you know the person, as doing so can make it impossible to track.