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Packing for a summer holiday in the UK

Unfortunately as many of us are aware, holidays in the UK often have very unpredictable weather. Even in the height of summer you cannot guarantee that the weather will be warm and dry and therefore you need to consider this when it comes to packing clothing. No one wants to have to take loads of suitcases full of different clothing to wear just in case, so how can you be sure you have what you need without taking everything?

Layers are the answer, when choosing clothing be sure to pack items that can be layered up if the weather is colder. Of course you may also want to take one or two pairs of shorts or short skirts but take a few cardis and maybe some tights to allow you choices when it comes to choosing what to wear.

Always remember how long you are going for, if you are only going for a week, then the maximum number of outfits for the day that you will need is seven, but you may well wear somethings more than once. If there is a laundrette on site then you may be able to take even less clothing than you think if you are happy to do a load of washing half way through the week.