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Do you long for your holiday abroad?

Although some of us have been fortunate enough to jet away on holiday this year there are those that are still reluctant to venture far from the UK due to fear of infection, lack of funds in case of needing to self-isolate abroad or other reasons. Most people use their annual holiday as a way […]

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Staycations are here to stay

Although going abroad on holiday is exciting and the draw of the predictable sunny weather is hard to resist we often do not fully appreciate our local surroundings and the attractions that are on our doorstep. We are surprised if we meet someone who has come on holiday to our hometown but perhaps we need […]

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Stay somewhere extraordinary this autumn

Rather than staying in a hotel or guest house for your next getaway why not look at staying somewhere more unusual. The choice of accommodation is becoming more and more varied as owners make use of any land they have at their disposal and utilise old shepherd’s huts, converted train carriages and even double decker […]

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Plan that relaxing couples get away

Although we love our kids, a get away without them for a weekend is for many parents a luxury to be sought. Grandparents or aunties and uncles can often be called on to stand in for a weekend allowing parents to recharge their batteries and get some time away as a couple. A stay in […]

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How to get the best accommodation for your money

When going on holiday, a mini break or an overnight stay, you want to try and get the best accommodation for your money. You first need to think about what it important to you. If you are looking for somewhere to just get your head down after a night out then location and breakfast may […]

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