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Could holidays resume this august?

The government have again delayed the lifting of restrictions in the UK and with many countries still on the amber and red list, foreign holidays have yet again been put on hold. There is only a handful of countries that you can travel too without having to isolate and this list has actually got smaller not larger.

There are now talks that the government may say that people who have had both of their covid jabs will now be able to go abroad to amber countries without having to isolate. They may still have to have tests prior to leaving and prior to returning but this may make holiday abroad an option again for many.

Holidays in the UK can be enjoyable, but so many campsites, hotels and B and B’s are already fully booked and with the weather being so unpredictable, you cannot guarantee that it will be dry let alone warm. This is enough to put lotas of people off and look forward to the time when they can go somewhere hot.

Although these new travel rules have not been confirmed yet, many people are hoping that there will be an announcement shortly.